Savvy business owners are recognizing the power and direction of mobile devices.
They understand that the App Revolution has arrived. Here at Magically Designed we will show you how to take advantage of the marketing power of the smart phones that most
of your customers (and prospective customers) are carrying with them ALL THE TIME!

  One on One Intimate Communications with Customers

  Never before have business owners had the opportunity to put their business on a mobile device that customers have with them as much as 23 hours per day!  You can put your brand, … your message, … and your promise within arms reach of your customers.

  “Push Notifications”

are messages you can send for free to your Customers. – Specials, discounts, reminders, Coupons and more are instantly distributed to all of your customers having your App and they have a 97% read rate versus 4% with email!  Your marketing is going to be so much more effective by “pushing” your messages through the App.  Compare that to the single feature of SMS texting where just one message sent to 1,000 customers could easily cost $100!

  Constant Branding Right on the Customers’ Mobile Devices

They are on them 23 hours per day and your business is there with them.

  A platform for Testimonials

Testimonials are so important these days and you can provide valuable information, testimonials (both written and video) delivered right to your prospective customers.  Here’s an example:  You offer a great coupon to your customers via your App and it goes viral as customers share it with their friends.  The new people download your App, get the coupon and see lots of great testimonials from your customers.  They also see the fan wall where lots of happy customers have sent photos for you to post of them enjoying your business.  Results: friend endorsed, review validated and happy pictures of customers have new people anxious to head your way to do business.

  GPS Directions to your Location

Plus you can reward frequent customers by giving them coupons that are good after so many visits.  Your customers can checkin when they are there without requiring any assistance from you or your employees!

  One Tap Calling from their Mobile Device

  You can include a “contact us” tab that will provide instant access to your  business through your business mobile app.

  Connect to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Other Social Networking Sites.  

What could be better than having your customers share your business with their friends via your business mobile app?

  Viral Marketing

“Share this App” means that now you have a chance to make your business mobile app go viral without any additional marketing expense.

  Keep in Contact with Your Customers

Using the “Push” feature of the business mobile app will allow you to remain in contact with your customers as frequently as makes sense for your business.

  Keep them Engaged

With special coupons, included events listed on the business mobile app, your frequent visitor coupons, Push notifications and more, your customers will feel much closer to you than ever before.

  Keep Them Coming Back

Using the above benefits of your business mobile app will keep them coming back more than ever before.



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